“TimeTo is a useful and feature-packed time management tool for home as well as corporate users. This is the only tool of its kind that features dynamic scheduling which intelligently manages your time when you fall behind schedule or when you have to handle interruptions.”
– nytimes.com reviewer

“I have looked a lot around, and this one is it! it’s the first tool that I can use to schedule my time properly with all the todo’s coming through the day. Tried GTD Tim Allen, ClearContext, TaskLine, Franklin PlanPlus, MindManager, MailFiler, Simply File, Trog, JelloBar. Your product is by far the most useful because you manage the time available to plan the work.”
– Bruno Turcotte, CGI

“TimeTo found me a way to calmly schedule regular exercise. My BMI
improvement alone made TimeTo a terrific investment.”
– Professor Eli Berman, University of California at San Diego

“I’ve been shocked at how productive I’ve been since I started using TimeTo.”
– Elizabeth Harper, University of North Carolina

“Fantastic program!”
– Joseph Godsey, General Electric

“Every week I discover something about TimeTo that makes me wonder how I made it through the week before…The Bottom Line: TimeTo is high quality, high performance software…it’s day-to-day management tools are in place and, in a word, outstanding.” Full review
– Robb Flynn, Software Review, August 2008

“I’m really impressed with your customer service. It’s the best I’ve every encountered in the software industry.”
– John Gulling, Ph.D., Athenaeum of Ohio

“TimeTo is an outstanding Personal Information Manager ideal if you’re working with David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity method. The program balances your schedule and prioritises your most important tasks, based on parameters which you set. The program is portable, and can run completely from a thumb (USB) drive.”

“[TimeTo™] provides you with a definite, detailed, minute-by-minute plan for achieving what you want.”
– TimeTo™ reviewer, Read the rest of this review

“I have been using time to for a while and also been recommending it to colleagues, it’s brilliant.”
– Maggie Colledge, University of Worcester, United Kingdom | More Reviews

“The best priority management program you could buy.”
– TimeTo™ reviewer, download.com | More Reviews

“Loved the program – have been searching for a priority management program for months, and have only come up with those which make you spend more time trying to figure out how to save time.”
– TimeTo™ user | More Reviews

“Thank you for this excellent program!”
– Raymond Bergmark, traffic planner, SAS Airlines | More Reviews

“The only software I know that usefully manages your to do list (intelligently) and appointments.”
– Doug Samuel | More Reviews

“TimeTo has been a godsend to me. I used to spend tons of time feeling guilty when I had to re-schedule items that I Had Not Done; now it’s pretty much done automagically. This is the only tool of its kind that features dynamic scheduling which intelligently manages your time when you fall behind schedule or when you have to handle interruptions.”
– TimeTo™ user | More Reviews

“This is a great product. Very sophisticated priority management features, yet very easy to use and very intuitive.”
– Dr. David McIntosh | More Reviews

“This product will help you organize your life! It is easy and fun to use. Since I’ve downloaded the software, I have reduced the stress in my life while meeting all of my deadlines.”
– TimeTo™ Reviewer | More Reviews

“It’s helped me stay focused and productive better than any planning/scheduling software I’ve found…Thanks for a great program David!”
– Lois Sigmon Turley

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