TimeTo includes a bunch of features you’ll love. TimeTo…


The TimeTo approach will calm the active mind, so you can get more of the best things done: when everything is in TimeTo and you are on schedule, you know you have nothing in your agenda to worry about… you can relax (or focus your mind on the one task at hand) truly knowing that all the other details and commitments are in balance, doable, and safe.

Stop your life revolving around your schedule… instead make your schedule revolve around your life!


  • Memorizes your recurring commitments, appointments
  • Balances your priorities, life goals, deadlines, time budget
  • Warns you weeks ahead if your commitments are in conflict
  • Launches alarms, Web pages, programs, files, Skype calls
  • Prioritizes based upon priority, expected return, life balance
  • Knows your rules, your preferences, redrafts your schedule
  • Blends appointments, deadlined tasks, non-urgent important tasks
  • Splits large task into workable chunks


  • Helps you stay focused, keep your promises
  • Records what you did, how long it took, what it was worth

Reliable and portable

  • Backs up automatically: frequently, daily, weekly
  • Searches your future plans, your past activities (journal)
  • International: Stores, searches, and views text in up to 17 language alphabets
  • Portable: can run entirely from a USB key, no install needed, no registry


  • Imports and exports to Outlook and other formats
  • Launch Google Contacts
  • Syncs with Microsoft Outlook (64-bit Outlook 2013, 2016, 365, 2019) … and thus to Google Calendar and Android (via GSyncit), iPhone, Blackberry

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